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How is a NFT rarity score calculated?

3 minute read

Humans tend to assign value to odd things. In the case of 1 of 1 art, it might be easier to look at a body of work and say “this artist has done X, Y, Z, an...

Rarity scores for Space Alien 777

25 minute read

An early Chia NFT project Space Alien 777 captured my eye due to the level of visual details. Everything from reflections in the glasses to invisible bodies!...

How to swap Chia NFT for NFT ?

4 minute read

The majority of Chia NFT trading on exchanges is done NFT for XCH. How does one trade NFT for NFT? How do Chia NFT swaps compare to Ethereum NFT swaps? Let’s...

The race to solve the Chia Friends puzzle

6 minute read

The Chia Friends website says There’s also a puzzle embedded in the collection for the community to discover.... The community at XCH Foundation - chia-frien...

Chia 1.4.0 and Chia Friends NFT is live

1 minute read

Humans live for extreme feelings. The rush of your first kiss. The rush of your first NFT mint. No matter who you are you can relate to one or hopefully bot...

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Creating a Jekyll website on

3 minute read

Building a website always seemed to be a daunting task until WordPress was created. Depending on your skill set that statement might not be true but then you...

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